Have you left us?

Leaves are falling to the earth

Twist and turn

Float and fall

A wall of falling fire and gold

remind you that you’re getting old

What did you leave for us?

In the tablaeu of our lives

Wake and work

Sleep and wake

Could we be graceful like the leaves?

They fall to earth, She falls to knees

What did you leave for us?

She crumbled in our ignorance

Are there none that we can trust?

We’ve decended into dissonance

What have you left for us?

What have you left for us?


4 Replies to “Have you left us?”

    1. As a blog I read yesterday pointed, just remember there is not darkness without light 🙂 And I say it can be reversed to light can’t exist without dark, so as they are co-existent, there is nothing inheritedly bad about sadness, or even the word bad itself.

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