one with all all with one

I find myself apologising for not posting regularly far too much, so sorry about apologising so much… It’s the last year of school and i’m awaiting my grade predictions that essentially govern what unis I apply to. For the course I wish to study, other than one uni, I’ll need an A in German-the only subject i’m still awaiting a prediction for. In short, i’m rather stressed out at the moment. Nevertheless I have written something for you all. I’ve walked away from rhyme and metre on my latest pieces so I hope that won’t put any of you off.
Words mean nothing in this moment
Yet they are all we have.
Let us dissolve into this moment;
Become one with all
As all becomes one.
The time has come
For time to disappear.
Its end is not absolute;
We revive,
We live,
We love.
Don’t begin and do not end;
The end of time a love will send.
As this moment comes to end,
Time fades.
It breaks
It bends.

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