Brilliant Disguise

We all wear disguises.
Some are elaborate, entwined with layers of truth and deception, so closely wound that no one can tell one strain from another.
Not even the wearer of the disguise.
Some are simple, a brief disguise to get out of a meeting, or to say you’re ok, when you’re actually sad,happy, tired, excited, angry, at peace.
I have disguises. You do too. We all do, but Some don’t know they have disguises. They worked on them for too long, without paying attention to where the thread and needle went. Now they are tied up completely, helplessly.
I have many disguises.
One is a brilliant disguise.
For an age, no one would break that brilliant disguise. Until necessity called for the string of deception to be cut. and cut. and cut.
And one day, my brilliant disguise will be gone. A painful yet beautiful truth let loose to a world that burns and punishes the unknown.
I await the final cut. I await a brilliant disguise to become a brilliant truth.
part of blogging101, inspired by the given prompt ‘Brilliant Disguise’