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Welcome to ‘ThoughtofVG’! This is the personal blog of Timothy van Gardingen, a writer, linguist and creator from the UK.

I have very broad interests, including politics, culture, art and philosophy. In recent years I have tended to focus on current affairs in East Asia, but this changes depending on what is of interest to me at any given time, and where I am based.

I studied German and Chinese studies at the University of Leeds, graduating with First Class Honours and a distinction in spoken Mandarin Chinese. I have lived, studied and worked in Germany, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and my native UK. I am currently based in Beijing, working as a researcher and editor.

‘ThoughtofVG’ started out as a poetry and philosophy blog, hence the name. Though the direction of the blog has changed considerably, I have kept the name as a reminder of the roots of my writing. Naturally, one thing has after all not changed -all thoughts on ‘ThoughtofVG’ are my own.

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