Me? a classic novel writer?

Although I would never consider that I will become a classic novel writer at some point in the future, that is what came up at my end of year assembly. This came up as part of the joke-y presentation of people ‘most likely to…’ do certain things in the year group, including such things as ‘most likely to’: become a Somalian pirate; be exported to mexico (the receiver of this one was particularly happy with the idea of being exported rather than deported…it made him sound like a beer); become prime minister, etc. So in other words a mix of serious and not so serious-which does make it tricky to decide whether my little award was a joke or serious, but I shall be an optimist here and take the latter 😉
When comments like that turn up when you aren’t expecting them however, they bring up questions: Is this serious? But what about that other person who has already won a writing award? Who’s been quitely reading my blog when I haven’t been looking? What if, underneath all those jokes, there is some truth in the statement? Could I maybe have the talent to write a novel?
I have had an urge to try writing a novel and perhaps now is the time. Never have I had so many successes after successes in my life as now, so it seems like the opportune moment. The first obstacle is to think of my topic. There are so many things I could write about, yet i fear the everlooming curse of the clich├®. I have an idea though…

give me a topic, any good fictional topic…

and the comment on this post with the best topic I will write a paragraph about. It probably won’t be the start of an epic novel, but its just a bit of fun for me and a nice way to bring you readers into the blog instead of standing a few metaphorical metres away all the time. You never know…you all might just inspire me to actually take up the pen to craft a beautiful novel filled with deep characters that really come alive in whatever wonderful world they happen to find themselves placed in.
For the pen truely is mightier than the sword and always will be.

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