I know i should write but…

Today was the final day of School for my year group. Not me though-I’m stuck there for another year so I could do a subject they cancelled in my first year in the sixth form. This means i’m not really in the mood to write, but I feel I should be living up to my new ethos of writing atleast a post a day.
I guess I can just have a short post on my personal thank you and send off to my year group. A few posts back, I listed a few possible tracks that I could play for the final assembly of the year. In the end, I settled on ‘Wait For Sleep’ by Dream Theater-A beautiful piano piece played by Kevin Moore and sung by James La Brie. I only played the piano part…mainly because it was too tricky to play and sing each part at the same time, but luckily it is a piece that sounds great just on the piano.
Here is a link to the song-‘Wait for Sleep’
and the sheet music i learnt to play the song from-Sheet Music for ‘Wait for Sleep’
Although many of my friends will soon be leaving for university once their results come, the piano is a timeless friend that can have whatever feelings you choose to give it. Today therefore I say thank you to these friends who have always but will no longer be there. Music was the only way I felt able to give a worthy enough thanks.

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