quick thought on 'education'

What do we really learn from more?
Do we learn best when we are in schools or universities being told what to believe and what work we should do in order to understand something; or do we learn best by following the subjects our hearts take us to in our spare time?
Is an institution filled with ‘experts’ really a learning environment or is maybe: a coffee shop, your house, a forest, at the top of a mountain; a better place to learn?
Do we learn from others or ourselves?
Is an hour in a classroom more informative than an hour with a piece of paper, a pen and your mind?
I’m not going to write answers. If i did, i would just be doing what the teachers or lecturers might do in the second question. Stop and think about the questions, even if you no longer attend any form of education-I include evening and weekend classes as education by the way.
I will write one statement though.
We are always learning.