Where have I been?

So…I haven’t written anything here on my lovely blog for a whole 2 months now. Considering one of my most recent blogs (maybe between 5-10 ago?) explained how i was going to write a blog a day from that point on, it looks like I may have been sidetracked along the way. Well, I do hope I can say truthfully this time that i’m back! Writing-wise, I haven’t had much inspiration lately as it seems to be drowned under the endless work of the past months-mainly German work, but more on that later.
This year, as I believe i have said before, is my last school year ( a year later than it should have been, but never mind . What this means, is that the time to apply for university has finally arrived and therefore much of my time has been focused on that most challenging of tasks lately. Yet for the first time in months, As i sat in a cafe with an espresso in hand, I was blessed with the wonderful – and currently rare – combination of inspiration and time to write. In other words, I have a poem to put up soon! I’m very much looking forward to finishing it; hopefully tomorrow, and rejoining the wordpress community.
As i said above, I am in the process of applying to university now. Let me tell you for what and where I have applied. I will hopefully in the very near future be studying German and Scandinavian studies, and have applied to this course at UCL in London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen…none of which have yet given me offers unfortunately, but all three do say not to expect replies until January. I have also applied to two single honours German courses at Birmingham and Leeds; both of which have already given me offers, which is all very exciting.
I have expressed my love of languages before here on my blog (look for the ‘words of the world’ posts and a very poor attempt at a simple German poem), and since applying for German I really feel like adding a bit more of that language flavour to it. I am considering therefore putting up translations of some of the German songs I listen to, some of which have incredibly beautiful texts.
On a final note, I’m happy to see that despite not posting anything for months, i’m still getting the occasional view. I’m particularly happy to see that I got my first view from Finland, meaning that, Denmark-You’re the last nordic country left! visit soon!
So watch this space-new work will hopefully be on the way soon!