Happy Blog anniversary to me!

Word press has reliably informed me that today, is the first anniversary of my blog! Well, I must say that it’s been a journey, full of surprises and new discoveries. So here are some stats from the first year, and I consider them pretty good as I have never been in the blogosphere prior to starting ‘thoughtofvg’, and for that matter had never put any of my work into a public domain.
Posts – 98 (99 after this one, and 100 after i’ve posted today’s main post)
Views -2137
Comments – 331 (excluding the over 1000 of spam…)
Best ever views for a day – 102
Followers – 124
Most comments by – Pouringmyartout (thank you!)
And views from across the world, from every continent, from an incredible range of countries!
So thank you all for the first year of blogging, and now onwards to better things!

9 Replies to “Happy Blog anniversary to me!”

      1. Well, I tend to take the scattergun approach, I just blast something out there, then switch gears and try something else. Sometimes I do 3 or 4 posts a day and they are all different and other times I spend a week making fun of Dick Cheney. I have no focus. The downside is that I have people that start following me thinking I am going to keep doing the same thing that caught their eye. Also, I have huge holes in all my walls now.
        But if you cast a wide enought net, you catch a lot of fish. I have one hell of an aquarium now.

        1. Well keep feeding your fish, as they come back for a good reason! There’ll be a new post for you to read in a few minutes by the way, but it’s long and i’m enjoying writing in, so hang on a bit 🙂

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