Eivör P├ílsd├│ttir

As my ‘words of the world’ post was a rather short one, I feel i’m cheating you all by just leaving it at that today. Therefore here is a little extra.
The following link is to a wonderful musician called Eiv├©r P├ílsd├│ttir. I wouldn’t say she is my current favourite songwriter (although she is high up there), as that is still reserved for Steven Wilson, but she is probably my favourite singer at the moment.
Depending on the song, her style varies somewhere between scandinavian folk music and big band jazz. This combination results in some really chilled out music but also some incredibly explosive song. Because of the variation, I’ll be linking two songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
firstly, a track that gets seriously lively. N├║ Brennur T├║ ├ì M├ªr . As far as I can work out (I don’t speak faroese…) the title translates as ‘Now you burn in the sea’. Anyone with a better translation, feel free to tell me!
And for her more gentle side, Do not weep
Ok, I now don’t feel so bad about writing so little in the last post 🙂

Eiv├©r P├ílsd├│ttir, T├©nder 11-03-2006 020
Eiv├©r P├ílsd├│ttir, T├©nder 11-03-2006 020 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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