the versatile blogger award

I have been kindly awarded my third blog award by Michelle Bloom. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate the fact you enjoy reading my blog enough to give me the ‘versatile blogger award’.
Like most of the awards on WordPress, it is required to pass the award onto a few fellow bloggers. In the case of the versatile blogger award, the award goes to 15 people. As i have said on earlier award posts, I don’t follow many blogs, so I may no reach the required 15 people but if you are one of those who do recieve the award it would be great if you could give the award to 15 others.
so the recievers of the award are…
Nomad Grad
World Music-the music journey
Cliffette’s Journal
Pouring my art out
The Panda Chronicles
Truly Naked
ok, i’m going to stop at that point. Not because there aren’t other blogs that i follow who are worthy of an award, but because the others i either haven’t read recently enough, or have been given an award by me before. Nevertheless, all the blogs i follow deserve an award but i felt it was right to give an award to only those i have read recently.
Well done and thank you to the nominees!

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