a pacifist learns from wars of past

A snapping string between two lands calls for the death of men,
it exists not yet causes ‘reason’ for armies to march to war,
but it was not the governments who innocents condemned,
but people with their cardboard signs that violence they adore.
They are content to fight a war as long they’re not involved,
they sit and criticise the pain from their blinded media views,
Yet will not stand and turn to face a gun-it indifferently revolves,
it is those who will never lift a gun that gives a soldier his news.
The days of sword and honour have been lost to history,
but maybe there’s something to learn from its endless violence;
a constant shadow of early death held no mystery,
so life-our greatest gift- was loved not put to silence.
Svärdfäste fr├Ñn Valsgärde gravfält