A band well worth checking out-Euzen.

I always meant to occasionally post about music on this blog, but hadn’t really got round to it in the month and half i’ve had it running…other than the occasional music based poem. I thought it was time to bring in that topic that i promised from the very beginning. It is not my own music, but a band that deserves some recognition for their creativity and, in my opinion, musical genius. So i present to you all, Euzen.
Euzen is a band from beautiful denmark, playing equally beautiful songs. The genre they fall into? I can’t answer that as they are quite individual; They don’t fall easily into any style that I am familiar with (and i listen to a huge variety of music). They have played the castlefest festival in holland and often the sort of festivals a band plays gives some insight into their style, but i don’t feel this is the case with Euzen. Although their music holds the same sort of magic as others who are regulars to castlefest, there is no harp or hurdy gurdy to be seen. So heres a link to one of their wonderful songs. The video is pretty good too…and i never care for music videos. This is Euzen-Judged by.
One of the things that I adore about this band are the lyrics, which are incredibly powerful. Here is my favourite verse of the song i linked to above.
“Stumble through the mist of mischief
Shake your fist to all that needs to be
Self-righteousness will learn to fly
Who are you to be, misjudged by”
At least in the way I interpret ‘Judged by’, it is a criticism of how we act towards those who are different and how quick we are to judge people we perhaps don’t even know.
“I am soon to be Judged by You, all, them
Judged by You, all, them
Judged by”
I hope some of you find the time to check out this incredible band-even if it isn’t something you would usually listen to.

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