a month on

i’ve had this blog up and running for a month now and its certainly been an interesting experience, so i thought i would just write a little looking back on my first month in the blog world.
I started it because i was inspired by a fantastic blog called ‘path of resonance’, which is written by a member of a band that i very much like. I loved how the blog seemed to be a way of not only expressing yourself, but also sharing your successes, failures, goals and experiences with the whole world. For me, that is the pure joy of my short experience of blogging; being able to share your thoughts with everyone and those who can relate or enjoy those thoughts, are then able to share it with even more people. Essentially, the blog becomes a way for the world to learn and grow with eachother, ultimately leading to us all becoming better people with a far wider set of interests than we had prior to starting our blogging journey.
So what have I learnt? My first discovery was just the amazingly vast amount of knowledge, ideas and creativity that is being produced every minute and then being shared for all to enjoy. That alone is incredible. Then, I began to find out what truely interests me. The first time you sit down to write a blog is a strange experience, as you wonder “what do I want to write about? are others going to be interested in what I have to say? How do I write a blog?” and so on. But eventually, even if you had no plan on where to head in the first place you eventually end up gravitating towards certain things; for me it seems to be poetry-something i hadn’t even considered when i started out a month ago. I actually wanted to have a purely philisophical and thought based blog, but instead i found myself writing wondering thoughts in poetic language rather than prose. And it worked for me. Another thing that I have learnt is that praise from people you don’t know, is something much more special than that which comes from friends and collegues. Why? I think its because when someone you have never met likes your work, there is no bias, no reason for that person to spend their time appreciating what you have done.
What next then? I’ve decided that although it was not something that struck me as an idea at the start of my blog, poetry is going to remain an integral part of it. However, what i set as my starting point involved music and art and as of yet, there hasn’t been much of these on my blog (other than a short thought on why i prefer sad music to happy) and i feel the next step is to bring these in as a combination with my poetry. Poems will become lyrics for songs in the process of composition and there will be art work (hopefully) to also go along with the poetry and thoughts. Which reminds me, I really must post my painting based on Edgar Allen Poe’s masterpiece, ‘The Raven’.
Finally, i’d like to thank all those who have liked, followed, commented or even visited by blog. I may have not have that many, but the few that I do have, have given me the confidence to make something really special of it and share my ideas and creativity with an ever increasing and vibrant blogging community. Thanks for reading.

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