time flies

I was listening to a song called ‘time flies’ by a favourite band of mine called porcupine tree (if you don’t know them, check them out) when i realised-Time really does fly, and in the words of the song, “the best thing you can do is take whatever comes to you”.
A common phrase is “there’s no time like the present”, but when you think about it how long is the present? 5 seconds away is still technically the future. there really isn’t a present; only the future. And if you look at time like that, it really accentuates the point that time flies. Sure, everyone has to plan their future, but they also need to act their future. Even if you start something now, it won’t be finished until later. therefore whatever the most important thing for you to do is, it should be done as soon as possible, because even now is the future from when you readed the last sentence on this blog.
And back to that line i took from ‘time flies’. Think of how many opportunities you have come across that you have ignored. It could be something as big as a job opportunity or as small as smiling at someone that could really have done with a smile. For every missed opportunity, big or small, you may have had wasted time where it could have been used for something better. So lets all try to accept as many opportunities that come our way as is possible. You will probably end up being better for it, and so will many others influenced by the changes you show to the world.
Theres quite a lot of us on this planet. Just think what would happen if everyone used their time better.
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  1. By the time you realize what time it is, that time is already gone.
    Speaking of which, I just realized that if you are getting these comments now, and I am commenting on a post you did in January, then…
    A. I am speaking to the future…
    B. You have no idea what the hell I am talking about…

    1. I can see which posts each of your comments are going to, so i can see the context of each of them. But it is quite interesting for me to have an excuse to look back at some of my earlier work and see how it has changed/developed in the past two months.

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