'An artist should know all about love and learn to live without it'

I found a spare moment in my work to write a new post! The inspiration for this post however comes from seeing what I should be working on next, in the form of little quotes at the bottom of each page of my planner. I only just noticed this weeks quote, but it has made me think.
‘An artist should know all about love and learn to live without it’ Anna Pavlova
It’s a sorrowful quote and yet I think most creative people will understand the feeling. Artists, Musicians, Writers and the fellow members of the creative community thrive on emotions and feelings. Without them, our work lacks life, power and even interest, but the innate connection with emotions a creative person must have does take its toll and can become severely depressing. In the case of the dancer who said the above quote, she tells us how we must express fluently what we perhaps don’t have or what we crave, which could become a very painful experience. I don’t know in what context Anna Pavlova’s quote was made, so I may not fully understand it, but how I enterpret her words puts into light one of the ‘curses’ of the creative person; understanding and deserving, without ever earning. Isn’t it sad how we are forced to supress emotions for society?
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