The Liebster Blog Award round 2 (final attempt at posting it…)

A few days ago i was graciously given my second award for my blog-another Liebster Blog Award, given by Pouring my Art Out. Thank you so much for the kind nomination!
I Have actually already attempted to post this several times in the past few days, but for some reason it has bugged at the last moment and posted and empty blog, so i’m afraid this is my last attempt at posting of luck for my self.
So a little about the award. It is given to excellent blogs with fewer than 200 followers that an earlier winner of the award chooses. After recieving the award, the nominee then chooses five blogs that he or she believes have fewer than 200 followers and are good enough to recieve the award.
And here are some instructions of what to do if you recieve the Liebster Blog Award…
1. Thank the person who gave you the award-Thank you Pouring My Art Out!
2. Put up a link to their page-done
3 Copy and paste the award onto your blog-The actual picture I think was causing my blog to bug for some reason (no idea why) so i’ve left it off. Those who recieve the award, you can find it on google images 🙂
4. Pass on the award to five bloggers that have less than 200 followers-See below
5. Let them know they won the award by commenting on their blogs-I shall do so after i have posted this post.
The 5 new nominees (as i chose a different 5 last time i won the award) are…
1. Beautywalk– Full of ideas that i must admit i don’t always fully understand but are certainly interesting to read. Theres also the occasional really quirky idea, my favourite being using a coffee maker to cook spinach
2.Life as i see it-Beautiful photos of nature and landscapes with a inspirational quotes. I love blogs like this
3. Rolling With Vishnu– As an agnostic, i find spiritual ideas that i know very little about fascinating. The blogger is a Vaishnava Hindu and I find it particularly interesting reading about Hindu faith through the eyes of a very insightful follower.
4. SorinPhotography-This absolutely fantastic blog focusses on giving great, creative photos but there is also often a deep article to go along with the photography. One of my very favourite blogs at the moment.
5. Theglasgowmusicscene-A relatively new blog with few posts, but as you would guess from the name, it’s about the Glasgow music scene-one of the best music scenes in the world (in my humble opinion of course) seeing as I am from Edinburgh, perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting Glasgow to be the better town, but when it comes to music Glasgow is the place to be. I look forward to seeing some great musicians on this blog!
Congratulations to my nominees and thank you for your wonderful blogs!