Breaking the silence. briefly. University applications, fundraising, all that jazz.

For any followers here mainly for poetry/writing/creative things, sorry, nothing like that today..I promise more soon!
Too many of my posts have started with the words ‘Sorry I haven’t written in a while’, so I feel a little bit guilty that once again i’ve ended up not writing since forever. I have (once again feeling guilty for the unintended repetiveness of this) had a rather busy couple of weeks…
So, starting off, You might have all noticed that more and more German things have been sneaking their way onto the blog. This is simply because that’s what I’ve applied for at university (German and Scandinavian studies to be exact) so there is a lot of German and German-y-ness going through my head at the moment. Especially as the majority of the application process is now over and i’ve made my decisions of where to go…which was exciting/terrifying/confusing/insert other dramatic adjectives here.
For those not in the UK, we get 5 choices, in which we have to choose a firm and back-up choice (in case our grades aren’t good enough for the firm after the exams) after the universities have replied with offers or rejections. I got offers from Leeds and Birmingham for German; for German and Scandinavian Studies my offers were from UCL and Aberdeen. Edinburgh, my home, my favourite city in the entire world, one of the most inspiring places anywhere, decided I wasn’t good enough and gave me a rejected. To say I was sad is an understatement, but luckily UCL, the university i decided as my firm choice, is regularly in the top 5 universities in the world…so I would have been mad to reject them for Edinburgh if they had given me an offer.
So that’s one thing which has been keeping me occupied lately-University applications and my desperation to get into UCL now I have the offer. Which means crazy amounts of work now until mid June. Wish me luck!
Next is something that I have written about in the past (see The beginning of a hard but exciting journey and Fundraising calls for sacrifices for what i’ve said before) – my fundraising to teach in China for a year. I’m now at ┬ú2750 of the ┬ú5400 i need to raise, but I’ve worked out that I’m definitely going to make it, and just have to work for this last slog now…Just conveniently at the same time that i’m trying so hard to get the AAB grades I need to get into university.
One word.
But as you can hopefully see, there is reason this time to my lack of activity here on wordpress. Although i would happily paste the many essays (most of them are surprisingly related to the blog after all), I’m guessing most of you guys wouldn’t be too excited to be reading essays instead of poetry.
And one last note, If you are in the UK, and you buy things on the web, you can actually help my fundraising at no cost to you at all by signing up to help me on Easy fundraising, but I feel bad asking for help from people who only know me through a blog so i do apologise. I must emphasise however that it costs nothing to do.
I will then, See you all in June (or maybe earlier if I have some luck) with new material!