First post/exams and what they are good for

This first post is more of a test than anything else, but I may as well write about something. Today was the first School exam of the year, and interestingly enough considering what this blog about, it was a philosophy exam. So of course recently i have been in exam mode, with revision being my life for a few weeks prior to now. Now that the exam is over, it is quite nice to be able to reflect on the effect an exam has on you.
Exams shouldn’t just be about getting the grades you need to get somewhere else-its a time to discover what you actually have learned, and the revision period is a way of making sure that knowledge stays there. I know first hand that you simply MUST get more out of an exam than just a grade, having done poorly last year. I may have not done so well in science subjects, but despite that I learnt. After all, you learn just as much from not succeeding than you do succeeding first time. You may even learn more.
Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment. through discussion may we all learn 🙂