A change of fate

All has changed since I first stood
Upon the ground that I now stand
And thought what if I’d understood;
My dreams fell through fingers like sand.
All hope was lost life goals had gone
To leave but memories of a dream;
The soul left body with pain alone,
Good thoughts lost to a raging stream.
Yet time came to reverse the pain
To bring the soul to body whole;
The daemons of misfortune slain
By hard passion to take control.
Although the horses pull away
From straining chains of charioteer,
They did not break; to my dismay
My Self combined to one, can cheer.
All has changed since I first stood
Upon the ground that I now stand,
The changes made for greatest good;
A fate my conscious can’t understand.
What we can’t know may pain the mind,
To flee from changes in our meaning
But heard my fate and grasped- I find
After years that I am dreaming.
As my first post proper post for over a month I am glad to say that i think this is my favourite poem I have ever written. I have been spending the last few weeks working hard for exams that, as of yesterday, are now done and gone. This poem is a reflection of my current thoughts and how I have come a long long way since the beginning of this year-Academically, emotionally and although I am not religious-even spiritually. I said a few months ago that i planned to implement some of Yeats’ poetic techniques into one of my own poems and you may notice some here. I would never say that i am anywhere near the genius standard of Mr Yeats, but i can say that I have learnt alot from studying him and writing part of my English exam on his work.
Feel free to comment-I love both criticism, analysis and praise!
(one last note-I have also been awarded graciously a new award-and to the kind person who gifted this to me, i have not forgotten! I will follow this up in the near future!)

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