The end.

Dear readers, I have decided that now is the end. I feel it is time to let go of this blog and start anew. Thank you all for joining me so far, it’s been a pleasure.
A few posts ago I wrote on the topic that essentially launched ‘thoughtofvg’ in the first place – a battle with depression. Now that I have written so openly on my journey from that point, now seems the right time to change direction.
The good news is that I’m not leaving the world of blogging alltogether, oh no, this is just the beginning for me. ‘thoughtofvg’ has been a learning curve, and a very meaningful one at that. From philosophy, to poetry, to art, to dreams and to me; I didn’t know where I would go. But it’s finished in a good place – a place which is a natural end.
So what next? Firstly I will be keeping this blog open, although I currently plan not to write on it again. ‘thoughtofvg’ is to become my base blog, as others expand from it. My first new blog will be my language blog (as of yet not created, but that’s what I’m doing next today!). I expect to start a new creative blog at some point soon, and given I sort out a VPN I will have my travel blog for my return to China in September.
I will be linking the new blogs here as the appear, so I hope some of you will be joining me on the other side!
So thank you all for reading, it’s been great. On to new and greater things!

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