The Pendant

You curve and turn like I have done

Yet you have stayed the same

Although now its you and me alone

Lingering memories remain

We stood smiling for the camera’s click

Three people with no fear

You hanged, as now, around my neck

With people gone and dear

You travelled far across the world

And were meant to catch the sea

Instead you grasped to memories

That hold so much for me.

fish hook 2
(couldn’t find a picture of one similar to mine…)

6 Replies to “The Pendant”

    1. I have quite a lot of pendants, but one of my maori pendants really mean a lot to me. And I just re-read this poem before writing this reply comment- not to blow my own trumpet (tempted to now put up the related xkcd on that topic…) but it’s not a bad one is it?

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