All of my poems up to now (excluding the ones i really really don't like)

I know this is a bit of a cheaters post. Let me explain why i’m going to post all my poems on one rather long page. I found a website today that may allow me to publish my work, with profit, with no cost to myself whatsoever. The best bit is that I can upload a draft to be criticised by other users before I press that all important publish button. If anyone is interested, i’ll give you a link to the website in the comment section. There you go, a nice incentive to comment 🙂 So here they are; all the poems up to now, excluding a few stragglers. Hopefully the formatting isn’t going to be ruined…read whichever ones have appealing titles!

A game of Chess and Lies

Stuck between a truth and lie

A truth and a truth

A lie and a lie?

Each important day since youth

A game where they moved me

Forwards and back upon black and white squares.

A pawn, controlled, they cared not for me

Pushed further than they should have dared

The noble pawn cannot turn back

Despite how high the odds are stacked.

Lingering Mists

Upon fearful trees lays a smoky veil

Obscuring and confusing a perfect view

Through the house of Gaia, there is no trail.

Yet around the unseen shine stunning hues.

What lies within those covered trees

That seem to hold such mystery?

What magic holds the veil upon the reeds

Lining the still lake and gentle streams?

How can one majestic scene

Be both serene and fearful

As if it were a vivid dream

Both a nightmare and hopeful?


A Step to Fate

Each step I make upon this path

Pulls me close to fate,

A destiny I don’t yet know;

My destiny can wait.

Feet in flight or stillness run

Through worlds we cannot see,

At speeds no cheetah could outrun

These feet will outrun me.

Well behind myself I know

I am constrained to life,

Where people live, then work, then die.

My goals placed on a knife.

I sense the feet no longer flee

That they have found their dream.

Though slower than my soul I know

My own soon too will gleam.


Under the veil of teardrop skies,

The daemons have returned.

To heed the call of a thousand lies,

They take away peace earned.

Yet they may find their journey erred,

By their own weak prey.

In their prey a strength has stirred;

The daemons turn away.


A Silent War

Two men wage a silent war;

A pointless petty game.

He doesn’t know and he ignores,

Their motives are the same.

One called peace-a final card

To cease the silent war,

And one-his soul too foul and hard,

The card he never saw.

Two men fight a quiet war;

The declaration lost

To time long held behind a door;

Where the men’s paths had first crossed.

One man hopes the road soon ends

And starts a path more free.

He hopes the wounds of war will mend,

That one man, is me.

After The Rain

Miniature lakes shine from hollows in the pavement,

A temporary model of the countryside that once was there;

It is nature’s desperate try to turn the concrete towers to trees,

Gardens to grasses, streets to streams, buildings to boulders.

Washed away the sins of man and nature’s pain,

Revealed the glorious beauty of life after the rain.

Away from cities with their link with nature gone,

The world flourishes in cascades of colour and floods of green,

Roots that were starved by months of endless sun,

Now burst with life somehow both vibrant and serene,

Washed away the sins of man and nature’s pain,

Revealed the glorious beauty of life after the rain.

Clear Mind

Clear your troubled mind

Leave your thoughts behind

Your journey will be hard

But I’m here with you tonight

It wasn’t long ago that I was in your place

A lost soul wondering across an empty plain

Where no one smiles

Where no one knows

The hardships you have faced

Take me by the hand. Learn to fly before you walk.

With two feet on the ground-walk before you fly

You might never find a way

You might always hide away

From grasping what is yours to take

Clear your troubled mind

Leave your thoughts behind

Your journey will be hard

But I’m here with you tonight


The final point where old paths split and break away;

The pebbles here aren’t ground to sand from heavy feet

Treading out the life and soul from journey’s way.

I choose a path and take a step towards deceit

For strain and sorrow always come

Before the life and joy have won.


A Kindred Soul

She sits and stares towards the moon;

A kindred soul within the night

Who begins to fall too soon;

For now the tears reflect her light.

Her hair flows though it were alive

In the wailing mountain wind.

And as her kindred slowly dives

So does the sanity in her mind.

She sits and stares towards the clock

That sings to her “it’s safe to go”,

Away from careless parent’s mocks

Their insults make the clock tick slow.

Among her painful troubled dreams,

She sees a window to escape:

A mountain and a kindred moon,

Run through mind in vivid streams.

And with that simple word ‘escape’

She knows exactly what to do.

She sits and stares towards the moon;

A kindred soul behind a hill.

The end of moonlight comes too soon,

Alone, she’s seated deathly still.

The dawn rises to another day:

A joyful sun enlightens all,

She wonders “What a perfect way,

To end my life?”-She tips and falls.


All Has Changed

All has changed since I first stood

Upon the ground that I now stand

And thought what if I’d understood;

My dreams fell through fingers like sand.

All hope was lost life goals had gone

To leave but memories of a dream;

The soul left body with pain alone,

Good thoughts lost to a raging stream.

Yet time came to reverse the pain

To bring the soul to body whole;

The daemons of misfortune slain

By hard passion to take control.

Although the horses pull away

From straining chains of charioteer,

They did not break; to my dismay

My Self combined to one, can cheer.

All has changed since I first stood

Upon the ground that I now stand,

The changes made for greatest good;

A fate my conscious can’t understand.

What we can’t know may pain the mind,

To flee from changes in our meaning

But heard my fate and grasped- I find

After years that I am dreaming.


A Face

I’m staring at a face

Once I knew so well

Every angle, every imperfection

Every hidden scar.

Who knew where it would go?

Who wondered the path it took

Through darkness

To Sorrow?

I’m staring at a face

It’s not what I knew so well

Less harshly cut lines less clear

joy upon its brow.

How could such a change exist?

How could the path so tightly turn?

From sorrow

Now to hope?

I’m staring at a face

I haven’t known so well

For far too long since childhood

Many years are lost

Why has grim and ghastly gone?

Why so swiftly has contentment come?

From hopelessness

To something new.


I Remember When

I remember when,

The world seemed simple, even good.

The innocent thoughts of youth,

Now crashed down by a brutal flood.

I remember when,

Success was a sticker in a school book,

The simple wishes of youth,

Now gone, the stickers overlooked.

I remember when,

Good was good and bad was bad,

The direct mind of youth,

Now hidden by a PC charade.

I remember when,

Money was not the only goal

The creative fun of youth,

Preferred toys to filling the pocket’s hole.

I remember when,

I woke up to find a painful truth,

The joyful years of youth,

replaced with adulthood’s heavy hoof.


Missing the Highlands

A lush green blanket of noble trees

Stand tall in valleys as they weave

Through contours of an unspoilt scene

The Highlands

My home

I miss you

Magnificent mountains shape the land

Where man has not yet laid his heavy hand

To judge Nature with his violent demands

The Highlands

My home

I miss you

Through hills gently rolls a glistening stream

To meet others of its humble kind is its only dream

To form a mighty river before running out of steam

The Highlands

My home

I miss you

Spreading her wings bravely to the sky

The Golden eagle sets across the loch to fly

To match its glory no winged being could even try.

The Highlands

My home

I miss you


The Burning Spheres

The burning green spheres of

Someone or something stares;

Who it is what it is

I don’t recognise or understand.

Fire and water mix together

But neither ends each other,

For their destructive endeavours

This time are focussed on one goal.

The green becomes engulfed in flames

Of uncontrolled and pitiful rage,

The water recedes back within the caves

And waits for time to come.

The fires slowly burning out

Find soon that they are ashes,

And the passionate hues of past

Now are lost to lifeless grey.

But what can cause such fury

When no evil act has passed

Upon no creature or no thing,

Pain surely cannot last?

Yet his cold grasping hands hold fast

Onto the unsuspecting few

And strangle goodness and the last

Traces of the sphere’s changing hue

But as the last of life flows out

From those confused and troubled eyes,

The anger and the troubles mount,

The sphere releases hold and cries


Face the Trials

It truly never was your fault

That made you became the way you are

God knows I miss you

The flame became a fading star

In the woods of a better past

I thought us free I thought us happy

But among those emerald trees

Even then we pulled to snap

Then it was at length of arm

Now the chasm is stretched for miles

I know that we can meet again

I beg you-turn to face the trials

Fine is a Lie

The simplest of questions,

A harmless “how are you?”

Warrants not a simple answer,

As “fine” is never true.

Behind the eyes of those who say,

Such undeniably blatant lies,

Their thoughts into the darkness fade,

Away from human judgment hides.

It seems we fear to show the truth,

Of our secret states of mind,

We keep away from others ruth,

Our emotions left behind.


The Glowing Sky

The sky glows rich with red and gold,

Above the earth, a silver mould,

Is forged from most complex of casts;

Like most perfect things it will not last.

A blanket that no thread is seen,

Not one smallest imperfection it seems,

It drapes across the hills and trees,

And lies upon eternal leaves.

The spoilt canvas once more is pure,

The slashes on its surface cured,

Towns, factories, no longer scars,

Their forms now shining white like stars.

Slowly rich skies of red and gold,

Their colours lose and life grows old,

To the silver blanket thrown over land,

“Melt”, the now warm sun demands.

The First of the Blossom

At the ends of gnarled bark fingers that last week had no vigour

Green pearls appear and grow from slumber into hope

They protect the souls of newborn life away from winter’s rigour

Through a biting brutal season has this noble forest coped.

From the pearls upon the fingers a delicate creation forms

An intricate origami had no maker other than nature

And it folds itself further to others it won’t conform

As all of nature’s folded flowers mature

It’s not long before the world’s aflame with white, pink and yellow fire

As more fingers adorn themselves with life giving pearls

Blooming into elegant flowers that reach across and to the sky

And at the ends of the bark clothed branches not one can see the gnarls.


Yesterday I died.

Years of being someone else

Brought me to a sudden end.

Yesterday the blow was dealt;

A blow I didn’t want to fend.

Yesterday I died.

The build up long, the moment swift,

Was gone before the eyes had blinked

To clear a tear, a head to lift

Towards a light before I sink.

Today I was reborn

From ashes I become myself

My mind is made my path is set

Conviction for the goal is held

To find the future I haven’t met.

Writer’s Block

Staring at a blank white page

In need of words to breathe in life,

But no words come.

Held still for a restless age

The pen cuts paper like a knife,

But no words come.


The Hand of Time

The hand reached out towards escape

From a perfect unbroken cage,

But pulled back to reality

It rotates for an age.

All it wishes is to run away from

Ticking ticking time,

Its purpose of existence in

Itself is but a crime.

The hand that turns accused numbers

From boundaries one and twelve

And at each point a person finds

Or loses in themselves

The drive to put away this tool that

keeps us in one place

To never look again upon

Its staring ticking face.

The curse of time held in its place

It never can escape,

From turning round a ticking clock

Never early never late.


We Will Never Be the Same

You see the world in different ways,

I sometimes wonder what you see

In colours, in wonders, in them,

In goodness, in evil, in me?

My dreams are not your dreams

And we will never be the same

My thoughts are not your thoughts

And we will never be the same

But what if I understood your mind

For one brief moment,

Just a day?

Where I see scenes of black and grey

Do you see fire and jealousy?

Is it I who has the passion

Or you who has the flame?

My dreams are not your dreams

And we will never be the same

My thoughts are not your thoughts

And we will never be the same

But what if I understood your mind

For one brief moment,

Just a day?

I will never know just what you think

But while I slumber my thoughts wonder;

Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who cares

What we even think?

My dreams are not your dreams

And we will never be the same

My thoughts are not your thoughts

And we will never be the same

But what if I understood your mind

For one brief moment,

Just a day?


No Trust Deserved

You have pushed me out the door

And I have locked it on myself,

The key thrown madly to the floor;

A symbol of the pain you dealt.

I will not hear your lies again

Staring blankly as if I cared;

The accusations you claimed ten-

Fold more than I should have heard.

The lines between the honest truths

And malicious lies are blurred,

You have not one shot of ruth

And now my sleeping anger stirs.

The human being we all should trust

A loving figure of endless love?

Such misconceptions turned to dust

In the liar’s raging molten stove.

I once forgave you of all wrongs

An act you never did deserve

I should have stuck to saddening songs

As mistrust now with vengeance returns.


The Fiddler in the Rain

Violin plays to passing ears,

Not one stops to meet what it hears,

The melody floats through waterfall skies,

Drops bombard the pavement in,

Front and round musician’s eyes.

But no joy is lost from fiddler’s song,

The notes sing gracefully and long,

They weave through streets and market stalls,

Searching for an ear that knows,

That they are Worthy of great kingly halls.

Drops crash thicker, faster, wetter,

Fiddler plays both harder, better,

No flooding rain or human disinterest,

Will cause hardy violin or graceful notes,

Or great fiddler to rest.


Your Gold Coin Fuelled Regime

Across the grim cobbled streets you stride

Seeming unaware of your obnoxious pride,

Your coat with purple velvet lined

With the money of the cheque you signed.

And yet you know that your gold was made

With the sweat and blood of those afraid

Of, your gold coin fuelled regime.

Perhaps you just don’t understand?

The man you fined owns not one inch of land

And by grasping way his last slither of gold,

His head bows and his corpse grows old

For he knows his end lies on the horizon

With no coin for dry bread to survive on

Your gold coin fuelled regime.

You turn to me as if you have done no wrong?!

The man you fined will die before too long!!

And how many others have you stolen from?

You think that they are those who are in the wrong…

He took your fruit, riches let you accuse,

You take his life, Poverty makes him used

By you gold coin fuelled regime.

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  1. I remember most of these. But taken all together, I must say, let a little sunshine in, baby. They are all great, but they all involve struggle and chaos and turmoil. Well, the fiddler one is sort of grey but not really heartrending. But who am I to judge. I am awestruck. Maybe a happy poem as a challenge would be useful, just for fun.

    1. I will endeavour to write something more cheery in the near future-i’ll be up in scotland in a weeks time so perhaps that’ll help me write in a more optimistic manner 🙂

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