I just realised i broke my rule of one post a day yesterday…sorry about that! I’ll be honest, I was down at the pub for a leaving party of a friend who is moving to australia in the near future. I wasn’t planning on staying out for too long so just thought ‘i’ll just write when I get back in after one drink’…of course I got back at two in the morning. Oops.
To make up for that, i’ll be writing two posts tonight; one a piece of writing, and the other a simple video introducing an amazing band to you all-Valravn.
Like my earlier post on the group ‘storm corrossion’, Valravn is quite a tricky band to describe. In regard to the vocals, the most similar singer I can think of is Björk; kind of crazy but full of energy and excitement. Their sound has a wonderful mix of modern and folky sounds, and adding in those haunting vocals makes for something quite original and in my opinion, amazing.
This is Valravn-Kelling
I know i’ve picked a video where the sound quality isn’t perfect, but it had to be this one, simply for the energy they put out here. Oh and this song’s main line sums up the band in one…
Statt up og dansa! stand up and dance!…even if the rest of the lyrics are quite dark.
Ok…now for my creative piece for tonight. I’ll post it once its finished!

Valravn (Photo credit: arne.list)

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